What type of clan is [IGB]?
[IGB] is a mature adult clan who loves to give it to the squirrels. We are laid back and love to poke fun at each other, drink and have a good time. We believe working as a team and playing the objective is much more important than just a high K/D Ratio.

Who can join [IGB]?
If your mature (18+) and know how to have a good time, then we would like to talk to you. You don't have to be the best in the world, we are looking for more team players than high K/D Ratios. It's also advised that you are not easily offended.

What games do you play?
We play mostly Call of Duty and Battlefield games, but we are up for other games. Our members are diverse and so are the games we play.

What system do you play on?
We are a PS3 clan and pretty much play exclusively on that. However some of our members do play other systems like XBOX and PC. Ask around, you might find someone to play other non PS3 games with.